The Story


Hello, Bonjour, Betwabu, Jambo yako world,

It’s very exciting to be able to make this work and know that it can reach the world, meaning you, directly. That you can stream, download or find information about the songs, the inspirations, and the progress of my music. 

I make music as a singer, song-writer, producer and composer. The sound can be described as ranging from African folk, soul, reggae to African pop.


I live in Cape Town, South Africa. I was born in the southern region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in a small town of Kolwezi. I learnt English in Zambia where I went to high school. The other languages I speak are Swahili, French, Chiluba and Bemba. My beginnings were very humble with war and displacement but, through all that, music painted the best picture of love and joy. I am not letting that go for any money in the world.

It’s been a special blessing to be able to tap into the cultures, languages, stories and ideas that I come with for my work. I have used these tools to create seven artist albums and many production albums, and to tour in cities that a person with my history can only dream of. You might find it interesting that this was done independently. Why? Because I make niche music. I haven’t met a record label or artist management company that can allow the artistic freedom that is needed for the musical contributions I’m inspired to share. Even after two decades, I have really only just began producing my best work.

There are more stories to be told. That’s why I’m asking you to rather hop on board and be part of the coming chapters. Stay in touch through emails, social media and calls and help the following types of projects become a reality: new recordings, new performance tours, new song collaborations, cultural exchange performance projects, more studio recordings and more storytelling. Thank you for stopping by.


Yours in music,